Manufacture of Aluminium

NACE Macro-Sector: C - Manufacturing

Level 2: C24

Level 3: C24.4

Level 4: C24.4.2

Manufacture of aluminium

Climate Change Mitigation

Metric and threshold:
Manufacture of primary aluminium is eligible if Criteria 1 (see below) is met in combination with either criteria 2 or 3 (see below): 1. Criteria 1: Direct emission for primary aluminium production is at or below the value of the related EU-ETS benchmark. As of February 2020, the EU-ETS benchmarks values for aluminium manufacturing is 1.514 tCO2e/t. Direct emissions are to be calculated according to the methodology used for EU-ETS benchmarks) 2. Criteria 2: Electricity consumption for electrolysis is at or below: 15.29 MWh/t (European average emission factor according to International Aluminium Institute, 2017, to be updated annually) 3. Criteria 3: Average carbon intensity of the electricity that is used for primary aluminium production (electrolysis) is at or below: 100 g CO2e/kWh (Taxonomy threshold for electricity production, subject to periodical update). • Manufacture of secondary aluminium (i.e. production of aluminium from recycled aluminium) is eligible. No additional mitigation criteria need to be met.

Climate Change Adaptation