Manufacture of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds 

NACE Macro-Sector: C - Manufacturing

Level 2: C20

Level 3: C20.1

Level 4: C20.1.5

Manufacture of: • Anhydrous ammonia (CPA: • Nitric acid (CPA:

Climate Change Mitigation

Metric and threshold:
Manufacturing of nitric acid is eligible if the GHG emissions (calculated according to the methodology used for EU-ETS benchmarks) associated to the production processes are lower than the values of the related EU-ETS benchmarks. As of February 2020, the EU-ETS benchmarks values for the manufacturing of nitric acid are: • ETS benchmark: 0.302 tCO2e/t Manufacturing of ammonia is eligible if the two following thresholds are met: • Scope 1 emissions lower than 1 tCO2/tAmmonia and • Combined CO2 emissions (scope 1 emissions and scope 2 emissions, from electricity consumed) lower than 1,3 tCO2/tAmmonia. For the calculation of the emissions from the manufacturing process of ammonia, both the steps: production of the intermediate product hydrogen and synthesis of the ammonia are considered. Scope 1 emissions include both emissions. GHG emissions must be calculated according to the methodology used for EU-ETS benchmarks.

Climate Change Adaptation