Manufacture of Cement

NACE Macro-Sector: C - Manufacturing

Level 2: C23

Level 3: C23.5

Level 4: C23.5.1

Manufacture of cement

Climate Change Mitigation

Metric and threshold:

Thresholds for cement Clinker are applicable to plants that produce clinker only, and do not produce finished cement. All other plants need to meet the thresholds for cement or alternative binder.

Cement clinker: 

Specific emissions (calculated according to the methodology used for EU-ETS benchmarks) associated to the clinker production processes are lower than the value of the related EU-ETS benchmark. As of February 2020, the EU-ETS benchmark value for cement clinker manufacturing is: 0.766 tCO2e/t of clinker.


Specific emissions associated to the clinker and cement production processes are lower than: 0.498 tCO2e/t of cement or alternative binder.

Climate Change Adaptation

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