Manufacture of Aluminium

NACE Macro-Sector: C - Manufacturing

Level 2: C24

Level 3: C24.4

Level 4: C24.4.2

Manufacture of aluminium

Climate Change Mitigation

Metric and threshold:

Manufacture of primary aluminium is eligible if Criteria 1 (see below) is met in combination with either criteria 2 or 3 (see below): 

Criteria 1: Direct emission for primary aluminium production is at or below the value of the related EU-ETS benchmark. 
As of February 2020, the EU-ETS benchmarks values for aluminium manufacturing is 1.514 tCO2e/t. Direct emissions are to be calculated according to the methodology used for EU-ETS benchmarks). 

Criteria 2: Electricity consumption for electrolysis is at or below: 15.29 MWh/t (European average emission factor according to International Aluminium Institute, 2017, to be updated annually).

Criteria 3: Average carbon intensity of the electricity that is used for primary aluminium production (electrolysis) is at or below 100 g CO2e/kWh (Taxonomy threshold for electricity production, subject to periodical update).

Manufacture of secondary aluminium (i.e. production of aluminium from recycled aluminium) is eligible. No additional mitigation criteria need to be met.

Climate Change Adaptation

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