Installation and operation of Electric Heat Pumps

Climate change mitigation:

• Support a transition to a net-zero emissions economy • Avoidance of lock-in to technologies which do not support the transition to a net-zero emissions economy • Ensure that economic activities meet best practice standards • Ensure equal comparability within an economic activity with regards to achieving net-zero emissions economy target • Where necessary, incorporating technology-specific considerations into secondary metrics and thresholds • Electric heat pumps have no direct emissions and can increase the use of low carbon electricity with a high coefficient of performance.

Metric and threshold:

Currently, installation and operation of electric heat pumps is eligible, if: 

• Refrigerant threshold: GWP ≤ 675; 

and must meet energy efficiency requirements stipulated in the implementing regulations under the Ecodesign Framework Directive The criterion is subject to regular review.

Providing energy services in a low-carbon manner, particularly for heating and cooling distribution will require investments in newer and more efficient delivery models. Heat pumps are an energy efficient heating/cooling method. Heat pumps will play an important role in the European Union’s decarbonisation efforts. The Taxonomy criteria on the Installation and Operation of Heat Pumps, provide guidance that seeks to foster the market as a whole and ultimately lower the emissions intensity of the energy services that society needs.

Climate change mitigation do no significant harm:


• Refer to the screening criteria for DNSH to climate change adaptation.

• Identify and manage risks related to water quality and/or water consumption at the appropriate level. Ensure that water use/conservation management plans, developed in consultation with relevant stakeholders, have been developed and implemented. • In the EU, fulfil the requirements of EU water legislation.

Based on legislation:

General reference to EU legislation


Based on legislation:


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