Anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge

NACE Macro-Sector: E - Water Supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities

Level 2: E37

Level 3: E37.0

Level 4: E37.0.0

“Anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge” Treatment of sewage sludge in wastewater treatment plants or in other dedicated installation with the resulting production and utilization of biogas.

Climate Change Mitigation

Metric and threshold:

Anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge treatment is eligible provided that (cumulative): 

• Methane leakage from relevant facilities (e.g. for biogas production and storage, energy generation, digestate storage) is controlled by a monitoring plan; 
• The produced biogas is used directly for the generation of electricity and/or heat, or upgraded to bio-methane for injection in the natural gas grid, or used as vehicle fuel (e.g. as bioCNG) or as feedstock in chemical industry (e.g. for production of H2 and NH3). No threshold applies.

Climate Change Adaptation

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