Construction of new buildings

NACE Macro-Sector: F - Construction

Level 2: F41 F43

Level 3: F41.1 F41.2

Level 4:

Construction of new buildings. This relates to activities under NACE codes F41.1 - Development of building projects and F41.2 - Construction of residential and non-residential buildings.

Climate Change Mitigation

Metric and threshold:

The metric is Primary Energy Demand (PED): the annual primary energy demand associated with regulated energy use during the operational phase of the building life-cycle (i.e. ‘module B6’ according to EN15978), calculated ex-ante according to the national methodologies for asset design assessment, or as defined in the set of standards ISO 52000, expressed as kWh/m2 per year. 

The threshold is based on ‘near-zero energy building’ (NZEB) requirements, which are defined in national regulation implementing the EPBD and are mandatory across EU Member States from 2021. 

To be eligible, the net primary energy demand of the new construction must be at least 20% lower than the primary energy demand resulting from the relevant NZEB requirements. This reduction can be met through a direct decrease of the primary energy demand via a more efficient design or by offsetting with on-site and off-site renewable generation, or a combination of both strategies. Off-site energy generation must be limited to district heating, cooling systems and local renewable energy sources. 
The methodology used for the measurement of floor area must be declared by referring to the categories established by the International Property Measurement Standards.

Climate Change Adaptation

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