Individual renovation measures, installation of renewables on-site and professional, scientific and technical activities

NACE Macro-Sector: F - Construction M - Professional, scientific and technical activities

Level 2: F41 F43

Level 3: F41.2

Level 4:

Individual renovation measures, installation of renewables on-site and professional, scientific and technical activities. This relates to activities under NACE codes “F41.2 - Construction of residential and non-residential buildings”,“F43 - Specialised construction activities”, “M – Professional, scientific and technical activities”.

Climate Change Mitigation

Metric and threshold:

There are no defined metrics across the individual measures and professional services. 

The following individual measures are eligible if compliant with requirements set for individual components and systems in the applicable national regulations transposing the Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD), and must meet Ecodesign requirements pursuant to Directive 2009/125/EC: 

a) Addition of insulation to the existing envelope components, such as external walls, roofs (including green roofs), lofts, basements and ground floors (including measures to ensure air-tightness, measures to reduce the effects of thermal bridges and scaffolding) and products for the application of the insulation to the building envelope (mechanical fixings, adhesive, etc.). 
b) Replacement of existing windows with new energy efficient windows. 
c) Replacement of existing external doors with new energy efficient doors. 
d) Installation and replacement of HVAC and domestic hot water systems, including equipment related to district heating service. 
e) Replacement of inefficient gas boiler with highly efficient condensing boiler. 

The following individual measures are eligible if specific requirements are met: 

f) Replacement of old pumps with efficient circulating pumps (as defined in Art. 2 of EU Regulation 622/2012) 
g) Installation of efficient LED lighting appliances and systems 
h) Installation of low-flow kitchen and sanitary water fittings in the top two categories of the EU Water Label scheme. 

The following individual measures are always eligible: 

i) Installation of zoned thermostats, smart thermostat systems and sensoring equipment, e.g. motion and day light control 
j) Installation of Building Management Systems (BMS) and Energy Management Systems (EMS) 
k) Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles 
l) Installation of smart meters for gas and electricity m) Installation of façade and roofing elements with a solar shading or solar control function, including those that support the growing of vegetation 

The following individual measures are eligible if installed on-site as building services: 

n) Installation of solar photovoltaic systems (and the ancillary technical equipment) 
o) Installation of solar hot water panels (and the ancillary technical equipment) 
p) Installation and upgrade of heat pumps contributing to the targets for renewable energy in heating and cooling in accordance with Directive 2018/2001/EU (and the ancillary technical equipment) 
q) Installation of wind turbines (and the ancillary technical equipment) 
r) Installation of solar transpired collectors (and the ancillary technical equipment) 
s) Installation of thermal or electric energy storage units (and the ancillary technical equipment) 
t) Installation of High Efficiency Micro CHP (combined heat and power) plant 
u) Installation of heat exchanger/recovery systems 

The following professional services are eligible: 

v) Technical consultations (energy consultants, energy simulation, project management, production of EPC, dedicated training, etc.) linked to the individual measures mentioned above 
w) Accredited energy audits and building performance assessments 
x) Energy Management Services y) Energy Performance Contracts 
z) Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

Climate Change Adaptation

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